Recent Submissions

  • Flight Test Results of a Subscale Super-STOL Aircraft 

    Courtin, Christopher B.; Hansman, R. John; Drela, Mark (2020-01-15)
    This paper presents the results from initial flight tests of a 30% scale demonstrator of a blown-wing SuperSTOL concept aircraft, intended for operation from extremely short runways of 100 ft or less. The subscale ...

    Courtin, Christopher B.; Hansman, R. John (2019-09-05)
    Distributed electric propulsion (DEP) is an emerging set of technologies which enable new vehicle configurations by allowing the efficient distribution of many smaller propulsors around the airframe. One application of ...
  • Model Development for a Comparison of VTOL and STOL Electric Aircraft Using Geometric Programming 

    Courtin, Christopher B.; Hansman, R. John (2019-09-04)
    There is widespread interest in the use of electric aircraft for short missions in and around urban areas. Most of the vehicle configurations proposed for these missions are electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) ...

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