The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE) degree programme offers a cutting edge curriculum in the fields of molecular engineering and process science focused on the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a unique opportunity to obtain a dual MS degree, one from NUS, and one from the Chemical Engineering Practice Program of the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT. The dual degrees can be completed in three academic terms of coursework, and an additional term of industrial internship. The industry internship at a Practice School station is in lieu of a research thesis of a conventional Master's degree programme. This programme comprises innovative courses of study that integrate a molecular-level understanding of biological and chemical phenomena with advances in process engineering for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Coursework presents advanced engineering concepts that unite multiple length scales at the molecular, microscopic and macroscopic levels, through a close coupling of biological and chemical sciences. Students will be exposed to state-of-the-art concepts in bioprocess engineering, biocatalysis, biochemical engineering, nanostructured catalyst design and organic synthesis, molecular engineering, molecular principles of colloidal and interfacial engineering, and metabolic engineering.

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