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    • Selective DNA-Directed Assembly on Dual-Functionalized Microparticles 

      Bajaj, Manish G.; Laibinis, Paul E. (2004-01)
      The bottom-up assembly of functional devices requires novel building blocks to facilitate the incorporation of functional and structural hierarchy. Anisotropic building blocks can substantially broaden the creation of ...
    • Self-Assembled Coatings for Controlling Biomolecular Adsorption on Surfaces 

      Seong, Jiehyun; Lee, Seok-Won; Jun, Shinae; Choi, Hyun-Goo; Laibinis, Paul E. (2003-01)
      We have investigated a series of molecular and polymeric approaches for generating adherent thin films that impart anti-fouling characteristics to oxide surfaces. These films incorporate oligo- or poly(ethylene glycol) ...