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    • Computational Method for Drug Target Search and Application in Drug Discovery 

      Chen, Yuzong; Li, Zerong; Ung, C.Y. (2003-01)
      Ligand-protein inverse docking has recently been introduced as a computer method for identification of potential protein targets of a drug. A protein structure database is searched to find proteins to which a drug can bind ...
    • Computer-Aided Drug Target Search 

      Chen, Yuzong; Li, Zerong; Ung, C.Y. (2003-01)
      Identification of the unknown targets of drugs, investigative drugs and herbal ingredients is an important task in drug discovery. It can potentially help in several aspects including: (1) determination of unknown therapeutic ...
    • Increasing The Odds Of Hit Iidentification By Screening Against Receptor Homologs 

      Chen, Yuzong; Cai, Congzhong; Li, Zerong; Han, Lianyi; Wang, Jifeng (2003-01)
      Increasing the odds of hit identification in screening is of significance for drug discovery. The odds for finding a hit are closely related either to the diversity of libraries or to the availability of focused libraries. ...