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    • A New Class of Nonionic Photosensitive Surfactants: Some Insights Concerning Conformations 

      Smith, Kenneth A.; Hatton, T. Alan; Shang, Tiangang; Cicciarelli, Brad (2005-01)
      We report on a new class of nonionic, photosensitive surfactants consisting of a polar di(ethylene oxide) head group attached to an alkyl spacer of between two and eight methylene groups, coupled through an ether linkage ...
    • A New Class of Photoresponsive Surfactants 

      Shang, Tiangang; Wang, Elizabeth A.; Smith, Kenneth A.; Hatton, T. Alan (2003-01)
      Recently, surface tension has been shown to be important in emerging high technologies, such as in pumping and control of flow in microfluidic devices, in microchemical analysis of complex fluids, and in rapid DNA screening, ...