The IFM initiative seeks to map all aspects of the PD process.

Using Design Structure Matrix (DSM) and other advanced analytical tools, we model and simulate information flows to enhance our partners’ understanding of their own unique PD processes. MIT is at the heart of DSM research.

We use DSM to capture system-level knowledge in novel ways, and to accurately represent complex product architectures and large development organizations.

Over 20 years in development, DSM is a rigorously-tested method for studying complex projects. Visit our DSM website for software, publications, tutorials, examples, and links to DSM research around the world.

Recent Submissions

  • Patterns of Product Development Interactions 

    Eppinger, Steven; Salminen, Vesa (2001-08-21)
    Development of complex products and large systems is a highly interactive social process involving hundreds of people designing thousands of interrelated components and making millions of coupled decisions. Nevertheless, ...
  • Product Development Process Modeling Using Advanced Simulation 

    Cho, Soo-Haeng; Eppinger, Steven (2001-09)
    This paper presents a product development process modeling and analysis technique using advanced simulation.The model computes the probability distribution of lead time in a resource-constrained project network where ...
  • Patent Litigation As a Leading Market Indicator 

    Tang, Victor; Huang, Biao (2001)
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce patent litigation as a leading indicator of market growth. We model the intensity of patent litigation and the market growth for the personal computer and cellular phone market ...