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    • Patent Litigation As a Leading Market Indicator 

      Tang, Victor; Huang, Biao (2001)
      The purpose of this paper is to introduce patent litigation as a leading indicator of market growth. We model the intensity of patent litigation and the market growth for the personal computer and cellular phone market ...
    • Patterns of Product Development Interactions 

      Eppinger, Steven; Salminen, Vesa (2001-08-21)
      Development of complex products and large systems is a highly interactive social process involving hundreds of people designing thousands of interrelated components and making millions of coupled decisions. Nevertheless, ...
    • Product Development Process Modeling Using Advanced Simulation 

      Cho, Soo-Haeng; Eppinger, Steven (2001-09)
      This paper presents a product development process modeling and analysis technique using advanced simulation.The model computes the probability distribution of lead time in a resource-constrained project network where ...