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    • Delta Design: Seeing/Seeing as 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (1999-04)
    • Engineering philosophy 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (DUP Satellite; an imprint of Delft University Press, 2003)
      Engineering and Philosophy seem two worlds apart. But things and ideas are not disjunct in thiw world and their synthesis is certainly essential in engineering design. In this book, the author explores how the concerns of ...
    • Ethics and Engineering Education 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (2008-02-16)
      ABET recommends the study of ethics so that students acquire “an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility”. For the most part, teaching of the subject relies upon the use of scenarios - both hypothetical and ...
    • BA in Engineering - A Proposal 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (2009-11-24)
      A proposal to provoke discussion of possibilities for the establishment of a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering at MIT.
    • From Function to Structure in Engineering Design 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (2010-02-23)
      Peter Kroes et al (The Empirical Turn in the Philosophy of Technology, P. Kroes & A. Meijers, (eds.) JAI, 20009 )frame the challenge of engineering design as bridging the divide between function and structure, as moving ...
    • Bachelor of Arts in Engineering - The Full Proposal 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (2012-06-02)
      A first draft of this proposal provided the basis for remarks made as a participant in a panel at Union College's 4th Annual Symposium on Engineering & Liberal Education held in June of 2011. Over the past year I have ...
    • Science and the Courts 

      Bucciarelli, Louis (2014-06-17)
    • Liberal Studies in Engineering - Workshop Report 

      Bucciarelli, Louis; Drew, David; Tobias, Sheila (2015-03-12)
      On the 30th and 31st of January, 2015, some sixty scholars from the humanities, arts and social sciences as well as engineering met at the National Academy of Sciences building in DC to discuss the possibilities for ...
    • Breaking Boundaries with Liberal Studies in Engineering 

      Bucciarelli, Louis; Drew, David E. (2018-04-07)
      It has been three years since we held a workshop in Washington D.C to explore possibilities for establishing an innovative undergraduate degree program - a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Engineering - that would ...