The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation (the Forum) is at the center of one of the most pivotal areas of business. Formed in 2002, the Forum provides a unique collaborative environment. It is the center of an expert community, harnessing the world-leading capabilities of MIT. The Forum brings together academics, researchers, and practitioners to develop ideas, practical principles and critical thinking. Through its research, the Forum affects supply chain management and shapes its effect on business strategy. It is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to supply chain issues and is able to provide each member with unique research, driving new ideas for excellence in supply chain design and implementation, together with technology-based solutions that make a difference. The Forum is, of course, a partner to every member by helping them understand, manage and implement innovation into their own decision systems.

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  • AI (Artificial Intelligence is Actually Incorrect) 

    Datta, Shoumen (2024-07-03)
    AI is in need of an explanation as to why it is actually incorrect. But, if used with human supervision, AI tools, e.g., ANN/ML with humans-in-the-loop (ML-HIL) can be made very useful when dealing with very high volume ...
  • Healthcare - Solutions for a Better World ? 

    Datta, Shoumen (2024-01-07)
    Healthcare access means something quite different for people in different socio-economic communities. It may be an unequal contribution of the wealth of their nations, the wisdom of their social justice system and strength ...
  • Healthcare, Clinical Research and Digital Health Systems 

    Datta, Shoumen (2023-11-07)
    Digital Health Systems could play a pivotal role in improving heathcare if a critical mass of reliable data were obtained (remote health) and subjected to dynamic pattern analyses to reveal (expose?) underlying key ...

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