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    • Negative and Positive Transcriptional Regulation by Thyroid Hormone Receptor Isoforms 

      Rentoumis, Anne; Chatterjee, V. Krishna K.; Madison, Laird D.; Datta, Shoumen; Gallagher, Gloria D.; e.a. (The Endocrine Society (USA), 1990)
      Negative and positive regulations by multiple forms of thyroid hormone receptors.
    • Thyroid Hormone Resistance Syndrome 

      Chatterjee, V. Krishna K.; Nagaya, Takashi; Madison, Laird D.; Datta, Shoumen; Rentoumis, Anne; e.a. (The American Society for Clinical Investigation, 1991-06)
      Thyroid hormone (T3) resistance is inherited in most cases in an autosomal dominant manner. The disorder is characterized by elevated free thyroid hormone levels and partial resistance to thyroid hormone at the cellular ...