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      education, heallth, healthcare, energy, wireless sensors, analytics, K-12 education, K-16 education, community colleges, workforce creation, job re-training [1]
      Efficiency, Intelligent Analysis, WSN [1]
      ENERGY [1]
      Energy deprivation, carbon pricing, carbonomics, metabolic engineering, genomics, biomass, carbon calculator, nuclear energy, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, poverty, hunger, riots, wars, energy politics, sustainable peace, economic growth, innovation, manufacturing energy, green energy, non-fossil alternative energy, photosynthesis, hydrogen economy, ethanol, methanol, terawatt challenge [1]
      Energy Efficiency, Nano-Chloroplast, Glucose-on-a-Chip, Carbon Supply Chain, Intelligent Mitochondria, Management of Power Systems, Metabolic Engineering, Langmuir-Blodgett Technique [1]
      Energy, eAGE, butanol, metabolic engineering, photo bio-reactors, pentanol, ethanol, methanol, biomass, Joule Unlimited, Codexis, micro-scale, energy autonomy, economic development, economic freedom, cartels, biotechnology, chemical engineering, cyanobacteria, microalgae, high insolation zones, low insolation zones, solar energy, smart grid, IP, intellectual property rights, [1]
      energy, electric vehicles, wireless charging stations, home charging stations, A123 Systems, healthcare, remote monitoring, ischemia, diabetes, chicken pox, civil liberties, social media, social networking, Facebook, micro-philanthropy, nano-philanthropy, lifestyle systems, food wastage, supply chain, risk pooling, forecsting, predictive software, data aggregation, Wiki City Rome, sensetable, RFID, IPv6 [1]