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    • Using Discrete Event Simulation to Model Multi-Robot Multi-Operator Teamwork 

      Gao, F.; Cummings, M. L. (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 2012-10)
      With the increasing need for teams of operators in controlling multiple robots, it is important to understand how to construct the team and support team processes. While running experiments can be time consuming and ...
    • Using Variable-Rate Alerting to Counter Boredom in Human Supervisory Control 

      Mkrtchyan, A. A.; Macbeth, J. C.; Solovey, E. T.; Ryan, J. C.; Cummings, M. L. (HFES, 2012-10)
      A low task load, long duration experiment was conducted to evaluate the impact of cyclical attention switching strategies on operator performance in supervisory domains. The impetus for such a study stems from the lack ...