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    • Automation Architecture for Single Operator, Multiple UAV Command and Control, 

      Cummings, M. L.; Bruni, S.; Mercier, S.; Mitchell, P. J. (The International Command and Control Journal, 2007)
      In light of the Office of the Secretary Defense’s Roadmap for unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), there is a critical need for research examining human interaction with heterogeneous unmanned vehicles. The OSD Roadmap clearly ...
    • Global vs. local decision support for multiple independent UAV schedule management 

      Cummings, M.l; Brezezinski, A. (International Journal of Applied Decision Science, 2010)
      As unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) become increasingly autonomous, time-critical and complex single-operator systems will require advance prediction and mitigation of schedule conflicts. However, actions that mitigate a ...
    • Operator Scheduling Strategies in Supervisory Control of Multiple UAVs 

      Cummings, M. L.; Mitchell, P. J. (Aerospace Science and Technology, 2007)
      The application of network centric operations to time-constrained command and control environments will mean that human operators will be increasingly responsible for multiple simultaneous supervisory control tasks. One ...