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    • PAG segregation during exposure affecting innate material roughness 

      Pottebaum, Indira; Cann, Susan G.; Cabral, Alberto; Astolfi, David K.; Fedynyshyn, Theodore H.; e.a. (The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2009-04)
      We have developed an improved AFM-based technique to measure intrinsic material roughness (IMR) after base development. We have investigated the contribution of different polymeric PAGs to IMR. These polymeric PAGs include ...
    • Polymer photochemistry at the EUV wavelength 

      Fedynyshyn, Theodore H.; Goodman, Russell B.; Cabral, Alberto; Tarrio, Charles; Lucatorto, Thomas B. (SPIE, 2010-03)
      The higher energy associated with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation coupled with the high absorptivity of most organic polymers at these wavelengths should lead to increased excited state population and higher quantum ...
    • Sensitivity of EUV resists to out-of-band radiation 

      Roberts, Jeanette M.; Bristol, Robert L.; Younkin, Todd R.; Fedynyshyn, Theodore H.; Astolfi, David K.; e.a. (The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2009-04)
      Here we present the relative sensitivity of EUV resists to out of band radiation (OOB), specifically wavelengths in the range 157 - 400 nm. EUV light sources have specifications limiting the allowed energy output in that ...