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    • Building Data Civilizer Pipelines with an Advanced Workflow Engine 

      Mansour, Essam; Deng, Dong; Castro Fernandez, Raul; Qahtan, Abdulhakim A.; Tao, Wenbo; e.a. (IEEE, 2018-04)
      © 2018 IEEE. In order for an enterprise to gain insight into its internal business and the changing outside environment, it is essential to provide the relevant data for in-depth analysis. Enterprise data is usually scattered ...
    • A Demo of the Data Civilizer System 

      Castro Fernandez, Raul; Deng, Dong; Mansour, Essam; Qahtan, Abdulhakim A.; Tao, Wenbo; e.a. (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017-05-14)
      Finding relevant data for a specific task from the numerous data sources available in any organization is a daunting task. This is not only because of the number of possible data sources where the data of interest resides, ...
    • Seeping Semantics: Linking Datasets Using Word Embeddings for Data Discovery 

      Castro Fernandez, Raul; Mansour, Essam; Qahtan, Abdulhakim A.; Elmagarmid, Ahmed; Ilyas, Ihab; e.a. (IEEE, 2018-04)
      © 2018 IEEE. Employees that spend more time finding relevant data than analyzing it suffer from a data discovery problem. The large volume of data in enterprises, and sometimes the lack of knowledge of the schemas aggravates ...