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    • Gene networks that compensate for crosstalk with crosstalk 

      Müller, Isaak E.; Rubens, Jacob R.; Jun, Tomi; Xavier, Ramnik; Lu, Timothy K. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-09-06)
      Crosstalk is a major challenge to engineering sophisticated synthetic gene networks. A common approach is to insulate signal-transduction pathways by minimizing molecular-level crosstalk between endogenous and synthetic ...
    • The Human Cell Atlas 

      Teichmann, Sarah A; Amit, Ido; Benoist, Christophe; Birney, Ewan; Bodenmiller, Bernd; e.a. (eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd, 2017-12)
      The recent advent of methods for high-throughput single-cell molecular profiling has catalyzed a growing sense in the scientific community that the time is ripe to complete the 150-year-old effort to identify all cell types ...
    • Regulation of Monocyte Functional Heterogeneity by miR-146a and Relb 

      Etzrodt, Martin; Cortez-Retamozo, Virna; Newton, Andita; Zhao, Jimmy; Ng, Aylwin C. Y.; e.a. (Elsevier, 2012-04)
      Monocytes serve as a central defense system against infection and injury but can also promote pathological inflammatory responses. Considering the evidence that monocytes exist in at least two subsets committed to divergent ...