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    • Keten and Buehler Reply 

      Keten, Sinan; Buehler, Markus J. (American Physical Society, 2009-03)
      A Reply to the Comment by Dmitrii E. Makarov.
    • Ketogenic essential amino acids modulate lipid synthetic pathways and hepatic steatosis in mice 

      Noguchi, Yasushi; Nishikata, Natsumi; Shikata, Nahoko; Kimura, Yoshiko; Aleman, Jose O.; e.a. (Public Library of Science, 2010-08)
      Background Although dietary ketogenic essential amino acid (KAA) content modifies accumulation of hepatic lipids, the molecular interactions between KAAs and lipid metabolism are yet to be fully elucidated. Methodolo ...
    • The Key to Adventure Game Design: Insight and Sense-making 

      Fernandez-Vara, Clara; Osterweil, Scot (2010-10)
      This paper aims at understanding how adventure games can support educational goals by understanding the foundations of their design, and what how inherent properties lend themselves to specific types of learning. The ...
    • Keypoint Transfer Segmentation 

      Toews, M.; Wachinger, Christian; Langs, Georg; Wells, William M; Golland, Polina (2017-08-02)
      We present an image segmentation method that transfers label maps of entire organs from the training images to the novel image to be segmented. The transfer is based on sparse correspondences between keypoints that represent ...
    • Keys under doormats 

      Neumann, Peter G.; Rivest, Ronald L.; Schiller, Jeffrey I.; Schneier, Bruce; Weitzner, Daniel J.; e.a. (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2015-10)
      Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications.
    • Keyword programming in Java 

      Little, Danny Greg; Miller, Robert C. (Springer Netherlands, 2008-10)
      Keyword programming is a novel technique for reducing the need to remember details of programming language syntax and APIs, by translating a small number of unordered keywords provided by the user into a valid expression. ...
    • Khovanov homology is an unknot-detector 

      Kronheimer, P. B.; Mrowka, Tomasz S. (Springer-Verlag, 2011-11)
      We prove that a knot is the unknot if and only if its reduced Khovanov cohomology has rank 1. The proof has two steps. We show first that there is a spectral sequence beginning with the reduced Khovanov cohomology and ...

      Lehmann, H.; Borkovits, T.; Ngo, H.; Mawet, D.; Csizmadia, Sz.; e.a. (IOP Publishing, 2016-02)
      KIC 7177553 was observed by the Kepler satellite to be an eclipsing eccentric binary star system with an 18-day orbital period. Recently, an eclipse timing study of the Kepler binaries has revealed eclipse timing variations ...
    • KIC 8462852: THE INFRARED FLUX 

      Marengo, Massimo; Hulsebus, Alan; Willis, Sarah E. (IOP Publishing, 2015-11)
      We analyzed the warm Spitzer/IRAC data of KIC 8462852. We found no evidence of infrared excess at 3.6 μm and a small excess of 0.43 ± 0.18 mJy at 4.5 μm below the 3σ threshold necessary to claim a detection. The lack of ...
    • KickSoul: A Wearable System for Feet Interactions with Digital Devices 

      Benavides Palos, Xavier; Zhu Jin, Chang Long; Maes, Patricia; Paradiso, Joseph A (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015-11)
      In this paper we present a wearable device that maps natural feet movements into inputs for digital devices. KickSoul consists of an insole with sensors embedded that tracks movements and triggers actions in devices that ...
    • KICSTOR recruits GATOR1 to the lysosome and is necessary for nutrients to regulate mTORC1 

      Shen, Kuang; Petri, Sabrina; Abu-Remaileh, Monther; Frankel, Wayne N.; Wolfson, Rachel Laura; e.a. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-02)
      The mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) is a central regulator of cell growth that responds to diverse environmental signals and is deregulated in many human diseases, including cancer and epilepsy. Amino ...
    • Kidnapping Politics in East Asia 

      Samuels, Richard J. (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2010-10)
      Introduction: History is filled with political abductions, incidents in which individuals are kidnapped and held hostage by hostile groups or states to gain leverage or legitimacy for their cause.1 Such episodes have been ...
    • Kidney Exchange and the Alliance for Paired Donation: Operations Research Changes the Way Kidneys Are Transplanted 

      Rees, Michael; Roth, Alvin E.; Sönmez, Tayfun; Ünver, M. Utku; Anderson, Ross Michael; e.a. (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2015-02)
      Many end-stage renal disease sufferers who require a kidney transplant to prolong their lives have a relative or friend who has volunteered to donate a kidney to them, but whose kidney is incompatible with the intended ...
    • The KIF1A homolog Unc-104 is important for spontaneous release, postsynaptic density maturation and perisynaptic scaffold organization 

      Hannan, Shabab B.; Kern, Jeannine V.; Stanchev, Doychin T.; Jahn, Thomas R.; Rasse, Tobias M.; e.a. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-03)
      The kinesin-3 family member KIF1A has been shown to be important for experience dependent neuroplasticity. In Drosophila, amorphic mutations in the KIF1A homolog unc-104 disrupt the formation of mature boutons. Disease ...
    • Kill Line Model Cross Flow Inline Coupled Vortex-Induced Vibration 

      Wu, Baiheng; Le Garrec, Jorlyn M.; Fan, Dixia; Triantafyllou, Michael S (ASME International, 2017-06)
      Currents and waves cause flow-structure interaction problems in systems installed in the ocean. Particularly for bluff bodies, vortices form in the body wake, which can cause strong structural vibrations (Vortex-Induced ...
    • Kimura-finiteness of quadric fibrations over smooth curves 

      Trigo Neri Tabuada, Goncalo Jorge (Elsevier, 2018-06-01)
      Making use of the recent theory of noncommutative mixed motives, we prove that the Voevodsky's mixed motive of a quadric fibration over a smooth curve is Kimura-finite.
    • “Kind and Grateful”: A Context-Sensitive Smartphone App Utilizing Inspirational Content to Promote Gratitude 

      Ghandeharioun, Asma; Taylor, Sara; Picard, Rosalind W.; Azaria, Asaph Mordehai Assaf; Taylor, Sara Ann (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2016-07)
      Background Previous research has shown that gratitude positively influences psychological wellbeing and physical health. Grateful people are reported to feel more optimistic and happy, to better mitigate aversive experiences, ...
    • Kinect-ed Piano 

      Gillian, Nicholas; Nicolls, Sarah (MIT Press, 2015-05)
      The authors describe a gesturally controlled improvisation system for an experimental pianist, developed over several laboratory sessions and used during a performance at the 2011 conference on New Interfaces for Musical ...
    • A Kinematic Approach to Determining the Optimal Actuator Sensor Architecture for Space Robots 

      Boning, Peggy; Dubowsky, Steven (SAGE Publications, 2010-08)
      Autonomous space robots will be required for such future missions as the construction of large space structures and repairing disabled satellites. These robots will need to be precisely controlled. However, factors such ...
    • Kinematic bias on centrality selection of jet events in pPb collisions at the LHC 

      Armesto, Nestor; Gulhan, Doga Can; Milhano, Jose Guilherme (Elsevier, 2015-06)
      Centrality selection has been observed to have a large effect on jet observables in pPb collisions at the Large Hadron Collider, stronger than that predicted by the nuclear modification of parton densities. We study to ...