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    Electron Beam-Plasma Interaction Experiments (1)
    Energy Extraction Blanket for a Fusion Reactor (1)
    Extension of a Bidirectional Waveguide Theorem (1)
    High-Energy Cyclotron Resonance of Electrons in a Plasma (1)
    High-Frequency Method of Measuring Plasma Density (1)
    Interaction between an Electron Beam and Plasma (1)
    Investigation of Superconducting Transition of Nb-Zr Alloys (1)
    Large-Signal Electron-Stimulated Plasma Oscillations (1)
    Large-Signal Steady-State Solution for a One-Dimensional Plasma Coupled to a Traveling-Wave Circuit (1)
    Neutral Particle Burnout by Molecular Ion Injection into a Magnetic Mirror (1)
    New Derivation of Some Waveguide Theorems (1)
    Plasma Electronics (1)
    Probe Measurements in the Hollow-Cathode Discharge (1)