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    • Contextual Influences on Saliency 

      Torralba, Antonio (2004-04-14)
      This article describes a model for including scene/context priors in attention guidance. In the proposed scheme, visual context information can be available early in the visual processing chain, in order to modulate the ...
    • A Formulation for Active Learning with Applications to Object Detection 

      Sung, Kah Kay; Niyogi, Partha (1996-06-06)
      We discuss a formulation for active example selection for function learning problems. This formulation is obtained by adapting Fedorov's optimal experiment design to the learning problem. We specifically show how to ...
    • A Trainable Object Detection System: Car Detection in Static Images 

      Papageorgiou, Constantine P.; Poggio, Tomaso (1999-10-13)
      This paper describes a general, trainable architecture for object detection that has previously been applied to face and peoplesdetection with a new application to car detection in static images. Our technique is a ...