The MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Lab (IESL) has long had the depth and breadth of experience with video compression algorithms, which are instrumental in saving on streaming costs when it comes to utilizing the bandwidth on content delivery networks (CDNs). With the U.S. military's need to quickly geocode all available digital media assets, particularly when satellites and UAVs may not be available, the MIT IESL is well-suited to contribute to the best utilization of CDNs as well as to the context-aware/provenance/pedigree issues revolving around the crowd-sourced ingestion of digital media data (to be geocoded) and the development of the next generation open source GIS platform.

The MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory is part of the MIT GeoSpatial Data Center, which consists of the MIT Auto-ID Laboratory (including the MIT Geonumerics Group, et al), MIT Center for Grid Computing, and MIT Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory. The collection in this community is a subset of "The Big Data Problem".

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