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    Demonstration of a Fiber-optic Quench Detector for Large Superconducting Magnets (1)
    Efficient, Fast, Low-Power Optical Phase Conjugation Using Two-Photon-Induced Zeeman Coherence in Rubidium for Spatially Broadband Squeezing (1)
    Enhanced Nondegenerate Four-wave-mixing due to Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Spectral Hole Burning Crystal for Five-Dimensional Optical Data Storage (1)
    Fiber-Optic Damage Detection (1)
    Long-Term Optical Data Storage in Four Dimensions Using Thick Holograms (1)
    Long-Term Optical Data Storage in Three Dimensions Using Thick Holograms (1)
    Quantum Optics (1)
    Quantum Photonics (1)
    Rubidium Atom Trap for Applications to Nanolithography Using Atom Interferometry (1)
    Turbulence Aberration Correction with High-Speed High-Gain Optical Phase Conjugation in Sodium Vapor (1)