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    Adaptive Gridding Techniques for Multipole-Accelerated Solution of Integral Equations (1)
    Computer-Aided Design Techniques for Embedded System Design (1)
    Cost-Effective Hybrid Vision Systems for Intelligent Highway Applications (1)
    Coupled Circuit-Interconnect/Packaging Analysis (1)
    Coupled Simulation Algorithms for Microelectromechanical CAD (1)
    Custom Integrated Circuit Design (1)
    Custom Integrated Circuits (1)
    Efficient 3-D Interconnect Analysis (1)
    Numerical Simulation of Short Channel MOS Devices (1)
    Numerical Techniques for Simulating Josephson Junction Arrays (1)
    Parallel Algorithms for Device Simulation (1)
    Simulation Algorithms for Communication Circuits (1)
    VLSI Design for Low-Power Dissipation (1)