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    Coulomb Charging Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures (1)
    Coulomb Charging Tunneling in Semiconductor Nanostructures (1)
    Design of a Grating-Based Matched Filter for Optical Communications (1)
    Distributed-Feedback Lasers Fabricated by X-Ray Lithography (1)
    Dual-Gate SOI Devices (1)
    Fabrication of Integrated Quarter-Wave Shifted Distributed Bragg Gratings for Wavelength Division Multiplexing Applications (1)
    Fabrication of T-gate Devices using X-ray Lithography (1)
    Fabrication Studies of Lateral Surface Superlattices in GaAs/AIGaAs Modulation Doped Field-Effect Transistors (1)
    High-Dispersion, High-Efficiency Transmission Gratings for Astrophysical X-ray Spectroscopy (1)
    High-Performance, Self-aligned Sub-100 nm MOSFETs Using X-ray Lithography (1)