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    Collaborative Projects (1)
    Fabrication of Corrugated-Gate MOS Structures (1)
    Fabrication of X-ray Masks Using Anisotropic Etching of (110) SI and Shadowing Techniques (1)
    Filters Based on the Coupling of Surface Acoustic Waves in Gratings to Bulk Plate Modes (1)
    Graphoepitaxy by CVD (1)
    Graphoepitaxy for Solar Cells (1)
    Liquid Phase Epitaxy of InP (1)
    Narrow Inversion Layers in Silicon (1)
    Reactive Sputter Etching of Si, SiO₂, Cr, and Al with Gas Mixtures Based on CF₄, Cl₂, and SiCl₄ (1)
    Solution Growth (1)