Recent Submissions

  • RES.21G-001 The User-friendly Classroom, Spring 2016 

    Kemp, A. C. (2016-06)
    The User-friendly Classroom video training series was created specifically for teaching assistants for whom English is a second language and the USA a second culture by A.C. Kemp, a lecturer in MIT Global Studies and ...
  • RES.LL-005 D4M: Signal Processing on Databases, Fall 2012 

    Kepner, Jeremy (2012-12)
    D4M is a breakthrough in computer programming that combines graph theory, linear algebra, and databases to address problems associated with Big Data. Search, social media, ad placement, mapping, tracking, spam filtering, ...
  • RES.10-001 Making Science and Engineering Pictures, Fall 2014 

    Frankel, Felice C. (2014-12)
    This collection of videos teaches how to use a flatbed scanner to create photographs of science and engineering. It is part of the interdisciplinary course taught at MIT called “Visual Strategies for Scientists and ...

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