Recent Submissions

  • RES.10-001 Making Science and Engineering Pictures, Fall 2014 

    Frankel, Felice C. (2014-12)
    This collection of videos teaches how to use a flatbed scanner to create photographs of science and engineering. It is part of the interdisciplinary course taught at MIT called “Visual Strategies for Scientists and ...
  • RES.STP.001 Science Policy Bootcamp, January IAP 2010 

    Bonvillian, William (2010)
    The careers of MIT scientists and engineers are significantly determined by public policy decisions made in Washington by the government. However, their access to information on how this system works is limited. Meanwhile, ...
  • RES.TTL-01 Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching, Fall 2009 

    Breslow, Lori (2009-12)
    This handbook includes 16 Guidelines on Learning based on the research literature on student learning and accepted good teaching practice, that inform the teaching at MIT. Each Guideline is explained with appropriate quotes ...

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