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    • One-Way Wave Propagators For Velocity Analysis On Curvilinear Coordinates 

      Budkick, Scott; van der Hilst, Robert D.; de Hoop, Maarten V. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earth Resources Laboratory, 2008)
      Due to present computational limitations, migration by the one-way wave equation remains an integral tool in seismic exploration. For the realistic interpretation of common image point gathers, it is necessary that migration ...
    • Source-Indexed Migration Velocity Analysis with Global Passive Data 

      Burdick, S.; de Hoop, M. V.; van der Hilst, Robert D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earth Resources Laboratory, 2012)
      The reverse-time migration of global seismic data generated by free-surface multiples is regularly used to constrain the crustal structure, but its accuracy is to a large extent determined by the accuracy of the 3-D ...