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    • Other equators : measures for an international tribunal for the Rights of Nature 

      Binjaku, Xhulo.; Dixit, Milap. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      In 1997, the Kyoto Protocol institutionalized carbon offsetting as a "market solution" to emissions, allowing companies and states to offset every tonne of carbon dioxide emissions with an equivalent tonne of carbon dioxide ...
    • Other means of communication 

      Callahan, Anne (Anne Alexandra) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      "Introduction," pgs. 15-20, see Leo Steinberg, "Other Criteria," in Other Criteria: Confrontations with Twentieth-Century Art (London: Oxford University Press, 1972), 55-91 and Nelson Goodman, "When Is Art?" in The Arts ...
    • Otto : a low-cost robotics platform for research and education 

      Olson, Edwin B. (Edwin Brock), 1977- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001)
    • Our city, what ruins 

      Elliott, Martin Joshua Holmblade (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      Leaks, demolitions, vacancy and ruins. Our City, What Ruins is a double entendre we use to describe the conditions of urban life at the peak time of our practice. On the one hand, one third of the land lay vacant, transforming ...
    • Our mosques are US : rewriting national history of Bosnia-Herzegovina through religious architecture 

      Aksamija, Azra, 1976- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011)
    • Our plumbing, ourselves : a public bath house 

      Merceret, Honor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
      Cleansing for being well Cleansing for well being. This thesis will consider: --how developments in plumbing and sewage and their related fixtures, kitchens and baths, parallel cultural changes throughout history. Though ...
    • Out of Africa & into the Sunshine State : tracking an exotic invader 

      Weeks, Erin Maureen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      This is the story of an invasive species and one man's quest to eradicate it. The Nile monitor lizard (Varanus niloticus), smaller cousin of the famed Komodo dragon, grows into six feet of carnivorous, ill-tempered muscle. ...
    • Out of antiquity : Umayyad baths in context 

      Tohme, Lara G (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      This dissertation explores the relationship between the art and architecture of the early Islamic period to those of pre-Islamic Bilad al-Sham (the region encompassing the modem-day countries of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, ...
    • Out of bounds? : rhetoric of urban form and its influence on state legislation in Massachusetts 

      Solomon-Schwartz, Benjamin Peretz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      Urban form is the product of the actions of a multitude of actors, from governments to individuals, from corporations to activist organizations. It is the result of rules, ideas, assumptions,and arguments, all of which ...
    • Out of control? : local democracy failure and fiscal control boards 

      Kobes, Deborah Isadora (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009)
      The nation's current recession has strained the finances of local governments such that many cities with already delicate budgets have plunged into fiscal crisis. This dissertation examines three causes of fiscal crisis - ...
    • Out of network : technologies to connect with strangers 

      Brueckner, Sophia (Sophia Agnes) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      Popular connective technologies are supposed to save us time and simplify our lives, but instead we are more overwhelmed and scattered than ever. These same technologies promised to help keep us close to our friends and ...
    • Out of the cell : exploring the framing of prisoner reentry in Illinois corrections policy 

      Harris, Jonathan R., M.C.P. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      The significant rise in the prison population in the United States has resulted in a severe shock to the correctional system. Specifically, from 1980 to 2004, the population of offenders incarcerated in state and federal ...
    • Out-of-plane distortion caused by fillet welds in aluminum. 

      Taniguchi, Célio (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972)
    • Outage probability at finite SNR 

      Akçaba, Cemal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      In this thesis, we present a technique to reduce the outage probability of a single user multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channel when a sub-optimal transceiver architecture is used. We show that in slow-fading ...
    • Outbound transportation collaboration- Do It Yourself (DIY) 

      Taherian, Homayoun (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      Continuous increases in transportation costs on one hand and companies' desire to reduce inventories and receiving costs on the other hand, have been forcing shippers to come up with innovative ways in tackling these two ...
    • Outdoor augmented reality n-th game editing suite 

      Schmeckpeper, Benjamin Arthur (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      OARnGES was developed to be a comprehensive Augmented Reality game development tool. Augmented Reality provides players a view of the real world augmented with virtual characters and information. Augmented Reality has ...
    • Outdoor wind speed enhancement in residential precincts in tropical cities 

      Chew, Lup Wai. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      Wind speeds in urban areas are significantly reduced due to the blockage effects of urban structures. Lower wind speeds inhibit passive ventilation and reduce thermal comfort in tropical cities. This thesis uses both ...
    • The outer spiral network and its innervation by the olivocochlear system 

      Thiers, Fabio Albuquerque (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      Outer hair cells (OHCs) are key elements of the mammalian hearing system, which amplify sound-evoked signals transmitted into the inner ear. OHCs are innervated by peripheral projections of olivocochlear (OC) and type-II ...
    • Outgassing of chondritic planets 

      Bukvic, Dushan Stephen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980)
    • Outline systems for photovoltaic data field station 

      Chu, Michael A. (Michael Alan), 1979- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)