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    • Interaction harvesting for document retrieval 

      Fields, Noah S (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      Despite advances in search technology, few software systems have been developed which accurately categorize multimedia files. The most successful systems for searching images, sounds, or movies rely on keyword annotation ...
    • Interaction with embodied media 

      Merrill, David Jeffrey, 1978- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009)
      The graphical user interface has become the de facto metaphor for the majority of our diverse activities using computers, yet the desktop environment provides a one size fits all user interface. This dissertation argues ...
    • Interactions of caregiver speech and early word learning in the Speechome corpus : computational explorations 

      Vosoughi, Soroush (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      How do characteristics of caregiver speech contribute to a child's early word learning? What is the relationship between a child's language development and caregivers' speech? Motivated by these general questions, this ...
    • Interactive cinema : collaborative expression with digital video 

      Seo, James Jung-Hoon, 1972- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001)
      Advances in technologies for digital video editing and streaming have lowered the barrier to entry for aspiring videomakers, and they provide an opportunity to expand the vocabulary for using and sharing video. Custom ...
    • Interactive physical agents for story gathering 

      Reben, Alexander James (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Robots are typically thought of as autonomous devices which require little to no human interaction to complete their goals. In this study we investigated what would happen if the success of a robot was contingent upon its ...
    • Interactive portraiture : designing intimate interactive experiences 

      Zuckerman, Orit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      In this thesis I present a set of interactive portrait experiences that strive to create an intimate connection between the viewer and the portrayed subject; an emotional experience, one of personal reflection. My interactive ...
    • Interactively skimming recorded speech 

      Arons, Barry Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994)
    • Interactivity and emotion through cinematography 

      Tomlinson, William Michael, 1972- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999)
    • Interconnected musical networks : bringing expression and thoughtfulness to collaborative group playing 

      Weinberg, Gil, 1967- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003)
      (cont.) In order to addressee the latter challenge I have decided to employ the digital network--a promising candidate for bringing a unique added value to the musical experience of collaborative group playing. I have ...
    • Interest networks : understanding the influence of interesting people in an organization 

      Ma, Julia Shuhong (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012)
      This thesis applies network theory to firms, their employees, and various aspects of the employees to understand diversity within an industry at both the firm-level and employee-level. We hypothesize that the interest ...
    • Internet 0 

      Krikorian, Raffi Chant, 1978- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      The Internet is currently unsuitable for small devices because the assumptions behind its architecture for desktop and server computers do not scale down. Implementations and costs that apply to larger machines have a ...
    • InterTwinkles : online tools for non-hierarchical, consensus-oriented decision making 

      DeTar, Charles (Charles Frederick) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      Non-hierarchical, participatory, consensus-based decision making has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. The traditional techniques of formal consensus, however, are limited to face-to-face meetings, which can ...
    • InterWoven : integrating traditional basket weaving craft into computer aided design 

      Agrawal, Harshit, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      The need and desire to create objects is built into human civilization throughout history. The immense diversity of cultures in the world has led to the development of tremendously diverse design and making traditions. ...
    • Introducing liquid haptics in high bandwidth human computer interfaces 

      White, Tom, 1971- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998)
    • Inverse problems in time-of-flight imaging : theory, algorithms and applications 

      Bhandari, Ayush (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      Time-of-Fight (ToF) cameras utilize a combination of phase and amplitude information to return real-time, three dimensional information of a scene in form of depth images. Such cameras have a number of scientific and ...
    • Invisible Ink : blockchain for data privacy 

      Lazarovich, Amir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      The problem of maintaining complete control over and transparency with regard to our digital identity is growing more urgent as our lives become more dependent on online and digital services. What once was rightfully ours ...
    • Inward to outward 

      Liu, Xin, S.M. Program in Media Arts and Sciences (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
      This is me, my hair, my lip, my smell, the way my head moves and the body I live in. The sense of self is not fixed but continuously updates in response to the present information. When the body senses itself internally ...
    • Isis, Cabbage and Viper : new tools and strategies for designing responsive media 

      Agamanolis, Stefan Panayiotis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001)
      Responsive media are media that can sense and react intelligently to factors like presentation conditions or equipment, audience identity or profile, direct interaction, history or anticipation of involvement, and so on. ...
    • It's about time : temporal representations for synthetic characters 

      Burke, Robert Carrington, 1976- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001)
      Inspired by recent work in ethology and animal training, we integrate representations for time and rate into a behavior-based architecture for autonomous virtual creatures. The resulting computational model of affect and ...
    • Jots : cultivating reflective learning in scratch 

      Rosenbaum, Eric (Eric Ross) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009)
      This thesis introduces the Jots system, a new technology designed to engage children in reflective learning as they work on design projects. Jots enables children to create brief updates, or "jots," describing their ...