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    • Ex vivo Rheology of Spider Silk 

      Kojic, Nikola; Bico, Jose; Clasen, Christian; McKinley, Gareth H. (2005-08-05)
      We investigate the rheological properties of microliter quantities of the spinning material extracted ex vivo from the major ampullate gland of a Nephila clavipes spider using two new micro-rheometric devices. A sliding ...
    • Nonlinear Shear and Extensional Flow Dynamics of Wormlike Surfactant Solutions 

      Yesilata, B.; Clasen, Christian; McKinley, Gareth H. (2005-10-04)
      Nonlinear shear and extensional flow dynamics of rheological properties of a wormlike micellar solution based on erucyl bis (2-hydroxyethyl) methyl ammonium chloride, EHAC, are reported here. The influences of surfactant ...