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    • Living information as a socially-mediated high school 

      Wittkamper, Aaron Matthew, 1977- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      (cont.) In this blurred area, a project/group-based curriculum can be developed to involve casual work areas that can fluctuate in size, based on the specifications of the project. Through the cultivation of this type of ...
    • Living large : an alternative model for urban living 

      Kwak, Jasmine M. (Jasmine Min) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      A house once symbolized the American dream-frequently clustered in tight rows and cul-de-sacs, the single-family dwelling not only represented financial success but stability and hope for the future. However, as recent ...
    • Living matter : biomaterials for design and architecture 

      Gazit, Merav (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      For over a decade, we have witnessed a new emphasis in digital architecture on modes of production and material-based approaches rather than on form, geometry, and representation alone. As a result, fabrication techniques ...
    • A living monument for a rootless city 

      Liu, Weiqian, M. Arch Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
      The Chinese city of Shenzhen has transformed from a small village to a megacity in just three decades due to the nation's economic policies. Despite its economic success, the city struggles with a lack of identity. In this ...
    • Living museum of the bay : Chesapeake Bay Aquarium 

      Dickerson, Jason Allen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991)
      This thesis is the design of an aquarium in the industrial city of Newport News, Virginia The focus is a living museum that illustrates the diversity beauty and grandeur of a precious yet fragile estuary, the Chesapeake ...
    • Living out west : shelter, neighbor and garden 

      Youngdale, Dara Ann (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983)
      In cluster housing each house becomes more than a single entity-it is connected to and a member of a community of dwellings. Their designs focus on both the formation of the "home" and the "neighborhood" in which they ...
    • The living skyscraper : mapping the vertical neighborhood 

      Lee, Tom, 1979- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      The rise of the skyscraper was not driven by programmatic needs or artistic desires, but rather economic conditions coupled with turn-of-the-century technological innovations. As it evolved, systems matured to provide ...
    • Living with the dead 

      Wang, Chenxue (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
      This thesis seeks to reimagine the space for the anonymous dead in New York City by proposing a new scenario for burial on Manhattan, which reconnects the alienated community and program to the heart of the city and other ...
    • The living workplace : a conscious work environment for a small publishing company 

      Berg, Richard Carl (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986)
      This thesis is about the oneness of working and living, and about the making of workplaces that support and encourage the idea that one's work can be an integral part of one's life. The opening position is that there is a ...
    • Local architectural identities within modernization context in southern China 

      Zhen, Lian Quan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996)
      In the processing of modernization, local architecture identities are diminishing in Kaiping, my home county in Canton Province, China. This thesis is searching for new architectural features that are based on the local ...
    • Localized design-manufacture for Developing Countries : a methodology for creating culturally sustainable architecture 

      Peinovich, Ella (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012)
      Can improved technology uptake in developing countries promote cultural sustainability and enable the production of endogenous solutions for development? This thesis, which focuses on technology dissemination for the benefit ...
    • A locational analysis of plumbing cooperatives 

      Ohnemus, Stephen Patrick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994)
    • Locomotion : a railroad museum for Chattanooga 

      Kim, Julie Ju Youn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994)
      This thesis is about exploring an architecture that serves a dual purpose: one, as witness to the past, and, two, as evidence of a constantly changing built environment. It is about exploring a landscape rich with associative ...
    • Locomotion of jointed figures over complex terrain 

      Sims, Karl (Karl Palmer) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987)
    • Logic matter : digital logic as heuristics for physical self-guided-assembly 

      Tibbits, Skylar J. E (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Given the increasing complexity of the physical structures surrounding our everyday environment -- buildings, machines, computers and almost every other physical object that humans interact with -- the processes of assembling ...
    • Long Island: a site for recreation. 

      Diminic, Jasenka Ivana (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974)
    • A look at privatization of housing in the Soviet Union : the Leningrad experience 

      Rae, Leigh H. (Leigh Hamilton) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990)
    • Looking at windows 

      Putnam, Barbara Durinda (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977)
    • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art : an analysis and a grand design. 

      Russell, Juniper Terence (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976)
    • A love letter to the American mall 

      Guida, Nicolo Vincenzo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017)
      In 1956, Victor Gruen designed the first climate controlled shopping center in the United States, giving birth to the regional mall. Gruen's wish for the Mall was to provide a civic center to participate in modern community ...