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    • Within the text of Kahn 

      Pedret, Annie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
      This thesis addresses the published writing, lectures and interviews of Louis I. Kahn between 1931 and 1974. It attempts to map the elaboration and unfolding of meaning that occur in four of his major concepts: Form and ...
    • Women and film : basic considerations 

      Barco, Julia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980)
    • Women in architecture : path and practice 

      Silberberg, Katrin Mary (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995)
      This project presents an exploration of the lives of three women in the field of architecture today. Through interview, discussion, and the use of electronic, digital media a history of each individual's history unfolds. ...
    • Women places and spaces in contemporary American mosque 

      Eskandari, Maryam, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011)
      There is an ever-present demand for Mosques in American cities to accommodate the more than 8 percent of the American population that are Muslims; the majority of which are American-born Muslims or American converts. ...
    • Woodward Avenue, Detroit : a pedestrian zone for a changing downtown retail street 

      Lewis, Philip Strickland (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981)
      The thesis studies the changing direction of Detroit's central downtown shopping street, Woodward Avenue. During the last two decades, Woodward Avenue has lost most of its retail market to suburban shopping centers. The ...
    • Word and image : the creation of order in the city 

      Fischler, Raphael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987)
    • Work 'n' play in the informational city : F2F interaction and emerging work and leisure patterns 

      Palasthira, Malina, 1971- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999)
      The death of distance does not equal the death of cities and of urban life. Cities are transforming their roles and functions in reaction to a major technological shift --from post-industrial to informational. And contrary ...
    • Work at home, home at work : building a bridge between private and public life 

      Lin, Jennifer Jen-Huey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992)
      There is an increasing number of people who have chosen for one reason or another to work at home. The current trend toward working at home due to the advances of technology (computers, fax machines) and changing family ...
    • The work of vitalism : Murano Togo 

      Tsuneishi, Norihiko (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Murano Togo (1891-1984) was a Japanese architect who based his practice in the city of Osaka. Throughout his long career, Murano won numerous awards, most notably the Order of Culture in 1967 presented by the Royal family. ...
    • Work, worship and performance : integrating the office building development 

      Hurt, Tom H. (Tom Hamilton) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990)
      This thesis is the design of an office building which uses the air-rights to an existing church/performance hall. In the design, I try to acknowledge and express underlying economic relationships -- in particular, the ...
    • WorkHotel 

      Dixon, Alexander M. (Alexander Mackenzie) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      The office has for decades been touted as a model of flexibility, the super-generic shell facilitating the ultra-customized fit out. However, as technology fuels a de-territorialization of the workplace and employees are ...
    • Workspace in transition : rethinking workspace through the design of reconfigurable worksurfaces 

      Cho, Minjung, 1974- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003)
      Communication is an integral part of today's workplace, linking people, objects, and information. Now that knowledge exchange is considered a significant work activity, new technologies have been developed to support ...
    • World Court 

      Coburn, Kyle (Kyle Elliott) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      Eighteen billion gallons of toxic waste, nine billion dollars in damages, trials across five countries, hundreds of lawyers, millions of dollars in litigation fees, and a corporation with an annual revenue of two hundred ...
    • The world is a window 

      Panossian, Robert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      "We were searching for ourselves in each other." - Sergei Parajanov Straddling the border between the continents of Europe and Asia, the South Caucasus, the name referring to the geographical region that stretches from the ...
    • Writings for acquisition : Hellenizing Alexandria, Egypt 

      Saad, Philippe Charles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      This research work started with the exploration of E.M. Forster's major publication on Alexandria published in 1922, Alexandria a History and a Guide, considered until now 'the Classical Guide for Alexandria;' or ironically ...
    • Yarditecture : new walls for trench town 

      Malcolm, Christopher J., Jr (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      "The yard" -- the typical housing typology of low-income downtown, Jamaica where multiple households are contained within a surrounding wall. This thesis envelops itself in Trench town, Jamaica, the epicenter of what is ...
    • Yellow helmets : work and worth of women workers on construction sites in northern India 

      Suri, Sabina, 1973- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000)
      The participation of women in the building sector is an exception rather than a rule. Inmost countries of the world the building industry is almost exclusively the domain of men. In India a large number of women are actively ...
    • You give me fever : practical protection for metropolitan neuroses 

      Case, Keith William (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      The emergence of Swine Flu in the past six months has once again heightened the world's fears of a coming flu pandemic. Although H1N1 is only slightly more pathogenic than the common seasonal flu, which kills approximately ...
    • Young deaf children and the computer : a study of learning styles 

      Bleecker, Sandra S. Bellone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986)
    • "Young Town" growing up : four decades later : self-help housing and upgrading lessons from a squatter neighborhood in Lima 

      Williams, Susana M. (Susana Maria) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      This thesis examines self-help housing policies in Peru by revisiting Independencia, one of Lima's young towns (squatter settlements), forty-five years after its founding. The study was designed to better understand how ...