Recent Submissions

  • Discovering the patterns of human-environment interactions using scalable functional textiles 

    Luo, Yiyue,S.M.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Humans perform complex tasks in the real world thanks to rich and constant tactile perceptual input. Being able to record such tactile data would allow scientists from various disciplines to study human activities more ...
  • Preventing IPC-facilitated type confusion in Rust 

    Switzer, Jennifer F. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Type-safe languages undertake to prevent the type confusion vulnerabilities that arise in type-unsafe languages such as C++. One such type-safe language is Rust, which provides powerful type safety guarantees [1]. However, ...
  • Batch Bayesian optimization 

    Hunt, Nathan(Nathan R.) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
    Bayesian optimization is a useful technique for maximizing expensive, unknown functions that employs an acquisition function to determine what unseen input point to query next. In many real-world applications, batches of ...

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