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    • Intentionality and cognitivism 

      McClamrock, Ronald Albert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984)
    • Interactions with context 

      Swanson, Eric (Eric Peter) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      My dissertation asks how we affect conversational context and how it affects us when we participate in any conversation -- including philosophical conversations. Chapter 1 argues that speakers make pragmatic presuppositions ...
    • Interface issues in the English imperative 

      Flagg, Elissa Jill, 1974- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)
      Two puzzles in the syntax of the English imperative are treated here as consequences of interface conditions. The first concerns the inability of certain predicates to take an overt subject in the imperative. The second ...
    • Internalism and armchair reasoning 

      Krupnick, Ari L. (Ari Lowell) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      In this thesis, I try to answer some basic questions about the a priori. Namely, what is it supposed to be? Should we believe in its existence? And is it important? Chapter One, "The Problem of Forgotten Evidence," sets ...
    • Interpreting questions under attitudes 

      Uegaki, Wataru, Ph. D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      Abstract This dissertation concerns three kinds of variability that pose challenges for the compositional semantics of question-embedding sentences: (i) lexical variation among clause-embedding predicates with respect to ...
    • Intonation and interface conditions 

      Ishihara, Shinichiro, 1973- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003)
      The thesis presents a theoretical and experimental investigation of the interaction between focus intonation pattern (FIP) and certain syntactic phenomena-especially those involving wh-questions-in Japanese. A phonological ...
    • Intransitive verbs and Italian auxiliaries 

      Burzio, Luigi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981)
    • Introducing arguments 

      Pylkkänen, Mariliina, 1973- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)
      Verbal arguments can be divided into two different types: those that are true arguments of the verb and those that are "additional" in the sense that there is evidence that they do not belong to the basic argument structure ...
    • Investigations into grammatical knowledge 

      Saddy, James Douglas, 1952- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991)
    • Investigations into Polish morphology and phonology 

      Higgins, Ewa Czaykowska (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989)
    • Investigations of covert phrase movement 

      Nissenbaum, Jonathan W., 1964- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000)
      The status of covert movement in Universal Grammar has been a perennial source of trouble in the study of language. What kinds of structures does it derive? To what extent is it similar to overt movement? What is its place ...
    • Is there a human right to democracy? 

      Abdul-Matin, Karim (Ishmawil Karim) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      My dissertation asks whether there is a human right to democracy. This is a difficult question, not least because there is no consensus about either what democracy requires or how to interpret human rights. The introduction ...
    • Issues in objectivity and mind-dependence 

      Botchkina, Ekaterin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      Reality and objectivity are often characterized in terms of independence from the mind: the first-pass idea is that what it takes for any particular subject matter to be real and objective is for facts about it to obtain ...
    • Issues in the foundations of cognitive psychology 

      Stabler, Edward Palmer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981)
    • Issues in the philosophical foundations of lexical semantics 

      Ulicny, Brian Edward (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
    • Issues in the phonology of prominence 

      Meredith, Scott (Scott Emery) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990)
    • Issues in the phonology of Tiberian Hebrew 

      Hovav, Malka Rappaport (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984)
    • Japanese syntactic structures and their constructional meanings 

      Kubo, Miori (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992)
    • Jingulu grammar, dictionary, and texts 

      Pensalfini, Robert J (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997)