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    • Natural language and formal languages 

      Maciá Fábrega, Josep (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997)
    • Neg-raising : polarity and presupposition 

      Gajewski, Jon Robert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      In this thesis, I advance a semantic theory of Neg-Raising rooted in the work of Bartsch (1973) and Heim (2000) and defend it against syntactic and pragmatic alternatives. The primary source of support for my position on ...
    • Negation in syntax--on the nature of functional categories and projections 

      Laka Mugarza, Miren Itziar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990)
    • (Negative) concord and head directionality in Western Armenian 

      Khanjian, Hrayr (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      This thesis focuses on concord structures found in Western Armenian. I label a structure as concord if two morphemes found in the same clause bear the same feature, yet only result in one semantic interpretation of that ...
    • Nominalizations and aspect 

      Salanova, Andrés Pablo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      Languages that have aspectually-conditioned ergativity splits generally oppose a "perfect" tense (often called perfective or aorist), with ergative-absolutive case pattern, to an imperfective where case marking follows the ...
    • The Non-Identity Problem 

      Urbanek, Valentina Maria (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Some actions are identity affecting, they affect who will exist in the future. Explaining how identity affecting actions can be wrong has been thought to pose a problem, the Non-Identity Problem. The problem is that an ...
    • Non-sentential assertions 

      Stainton, Robert James Harold (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
    • Non-standard features 

      Egan, Andrew M. (Andrew Michael), 1970- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      The dissertation is composed of three papers on properties and their relatives. "Second-Order Predication and the Metaphysics of Properties" argues that giving a happy account of second-order predication motivates us to ...
    • Non-verbal argument structure : evidence from Tagalog 

      Sabbagh, Joseph (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      This dissertation examines the syntax and argument structure of non-verbal predicates (focusing primarily on adjectives) in Tagalog. Drawing on evidence from a variety of construction types (including Comparative, Existential, ...
    • Non-verbal predication and head-movement 

      Carnie, Andrew Hay (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995)
    • Normative discourse and social negotiation 

      Hesni, Samia. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      This dissertation lies at the intersection of philosophy of language, social and political, and feminist philosophy. The first half of the dissertation is primarily about the ways language can be used to stereotype, ...
    • Not by reasons alone 

      Manne, Kate (Kate Alice) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011)
      My thesis is a sustained argument that the practical reason is not a suitable master concept in ethics, let alone the only ethical notion we need. In Chapter One, I defend the idea that desires have irreducible and pervasive ...
    • Null and displaced subjects 

      Shlonsky, Ur (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987)
    • Null operator constructions 

      Browning, Marguerite (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987)
    • Null subjects 

      Barbosa, Maria do Pilar Pereira (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995)
    • Object scrambling in Chinese 

      Soh, Hooi Ling, 1968- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998)
      This thesis examines the role of prosody and semantics in word order variations in Chinese. In particular, I address the controversial issue of whether overt object scrambling is available in Chinese. I argue that overt ...
    • On deriving the lexicon 

      Sproat, Richard William (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985)
    • On economizing the theory of A-bar dependencies 

      Tsai, Wei-Tien (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1994)
    • On expletives and the agreement-movement correlation 

      Longenbaugh, Nicholas. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      This dissertation addresses two main topics: the correlation between agreement and movement, and the formal and distributional status of expletive elements cross-linguistically. Concerning the first topic, my proposal is ...
    • On numbers 

      Wetzel, Linda Elizabeth (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984)