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    • Effects of internal waves on low frequency, long range, acoustic propagation in the deep ocean 

      Xu, Jinshan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      This thesis covers a comprehensive analysis of long-range, deep-ocean, low-frequency, sound propagation experimental results obtained from the North Pacific Ocean. The statistics of acoustic fields after propagation through ...
    • Geoacoustic inversion by mode amplitude perturbation 

      Poole, Travis L (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      This thesis introduces an algorithm for inverting for the geoacoustic properties of the seafloor in shallow water. The input data required by the algorithm are estimates of the amplitudes of the normal modes excited by a ...
    • Quantifying hurricane wind speed with undersea sound 

      Wilson, Joshua David (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      Hurricanes, powerful storms with wind speeds that can exceed 80 m/s, are one of the most destructive natural disasters known to man. While current satellite technology has made it possible to effectively detect and track ...