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    • Magellan Instant Camera testbed 

      McEwen, Heather K. (Heather Kristine), 1982- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      The Magellan Instant Camera (MagIC) is an optical CCD camera that was built at MIT and is currently used at Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) in La Serena, Chile. It is designed to be both simple and efficient with minimal ...
    • Magnetic holes in the solar wind 

      Seeluangsawat, Paisa, 1980- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)
      We attempt to locate magnetic holes from several years of data collected from WIND and ACE spacecraft and use them to study some statistical properties of the magnetic holes.
    • Magnetic interaction of super-Earths with their host star and planet composition 

      Piso, Ana-Maria (Ana-Maria Adriana) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      We study the magnetic field and the planet-star interactions of super Earths, extrasolar planets with masses between 1 and 10 times the mass of the Earth. We first present a model of the magnetic field of a super Earth, ...
    • Magnetic properties of an isolated quantum dot 

      Goldberg, Brian, 1979- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003)
    • Magnetically torqued thin accretion disks 

      Savcheva, Antonia Stefanova (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      We consider geometrically thin accretion disks around millisecond X-ray pulsars. We start with the Shakura-Sunyaev thin disk model as a basis and modify the disk equations with a magnetic torque from the central neutron ...
    • Mapping bulk electrical properties with non-contact RF measurements 

      Schwartz, Benjamin M. (Benjamin Matthew) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      The human body is composed primarily of dielectric tissue with spatially varying permittivity and conductivity. Traditional MRI does not measure these properties. Instead, the conductivity of the patient is a nuisance, ...
    • Mass ratios in stellar triple systems that admit horseshoe orbits 

      Balaji, Bhaskaran (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016)
      We examine possible configurations of stellar triple systems that give rise to "horseshoe orbits" in the smallest body. Several configurations are tested according to the initial parameters of mass for each of three bodies ...
    • Massive stable charged particle signatures in simulations at the LHC 

      Silva, James B. (James Brian) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      The importance of heavy stable charged (HSCP) particles lies in the exploration of extensions to the standard model. Extensions of the standard model attempt to solve current problems in the standard model such as the ...
    • Measurement of plasma flows using Mach probe arrays 

      Kardon, Brian (Brian Michael) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      A rectangular array of three-dimensional Mach probes is constructed and installed in the plasma vessel of the Versatile Toroidal Facility (VTF) at MIT in order to measure ion flow velocity on the cross section of the VTF. ...
    • Measurement of radio-frequency magnetic fluctuations in the VTF magnetic reconnection experiment 

      Whitney, John Peter, 1982- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      In this thesis work, I designed, fabricated, and calibrated, a radio-frequency magnetic probe, subsequently used to measure magnetic turbulance in the reconnecting plasmas of the Versatile Toroidal Facility (VTF). Reconnecting ...
    • Measurement of the correlation spectrum of electrostatic potential fluctuations in a toroidal Helimak plasma 

      Zimmerman, Eric D. (Eric Daniel) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993)
    • Measurement of the total electron-hydrogen scattering cross section for the Project 8 experiment 

      Rysewyk, Devyn Marie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      Project 8 is an experiment that aims to determine the neutrino mass from a measurement of the endpoint of the tritium beta-decay continuous energy distribution. To do this, Project 8 is utilizing the cyclotron radiation ...
    • Measurement of the vortex depinning force in a high temperature superconductor 

      Whitehead, Andrew Patrick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      Introduction: Superconductivity is one of those subjects in physics that is as captivating theoretically as it is experimentally interesting. The dual driving force of commercial demand for high-temperature superconductors ...
    • Measurement of work function in CF₄ gas 

      Wolfe, Ian C (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      CF4 gas is useful in many applications, especially as a drift gas in particle detection chambers. In order to make accurate measurements of incident particles the properties of the drift gas must be well understood. An ...
    • Measurements of electric field noise and light-induced charging in cryogenic surface electrode ion traps 

      Lachenmyer, Nathan S. (Nathan Scott) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Ion traps provide an excellent tool for controlling and observing the state of a single trapped ion. For this reason, ion traps have been proposed as a possible system for large-scale quantum computation. However, many ...
    • Measuring acoustic fields in an optical trap 

      Sarabalis, Christopher J (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      This thesis describes progress in the use of optical traps for measurement of acoustic fields, a first step toward acoustic micromanipulation in fluids. The optical trap used throughout this study is carefully characterized. ...
    • Measuring elastic constants of laminated Copper/Niobium composites using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy 

      Galiano, Kevin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      Layered copper/niobium (Cu/Nb) composites with small layer widths contain a high area per unit volume of solid-state interfaces. Interfaces have their own elasticity tensor, which affects the elastic properties of the ...
    • Measuring Higgs self-coupling at CMS 

      Pasterski, Sabrina Gonzalez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      This study evaluates the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment's ability to characterize Higgs self-coupling through the ... channel. The effective cross-section for detecting ... events is computed by finding the fraction ...
    • A method for detecting nonequilibrium dynamics in active matter 

      Watson, Garrett (Garrett A.) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      Active force generation is an important class of out-of-equilibrium activity in cells. These forces play a crucial role in vital processes such as tissue folding, cell division and intracellular transport. It is important ...
    • Micro-images of macro-lensed objects 

      Weisenbach, Luke (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      The study of gravitational micro-lensing at high optical depth has only rarely involved the close examination of the individual actual micro-images that arise as a result of the phenomenon. We discuss methods that refine ...