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    • The quadratic Zeeman effect in hydrogen 

      Richter, Burton, 1931- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1952)
    • Quantum beat spectroscopy of acetylene 

      Shah, Nisha N (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986)
    • Quantum blackjack : quantum strategies and advantages in games with limited classical communication 

      Lin, Joseph Xiao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
      In this thesis, we examine the advantages that quantum strategies afford in communication-limited games. Inspired by the card game blackjack, we particularly focus on cooperative, two-party sequential games in which a ...
    • Quantum capacitance measurements of single-layer molybdenum disulfide 

      Kononov, Alina (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      Through this thesis, heterostructures composed of a thin layer of hexagonal boron nitride atop a monolayer of molybdenum disulfide were fabricated with the goal of measuring quantum capacitance and probing the transition ...
    • Quantum codes on Hurwitz surfaces 

      Kim, Isaac H. (Isaac Hyun) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      Ever since the birth of the first quantum error correcting code, many error correcting techniques and formalism has been constructed so far. Among those, generating a quantum code on a locally planar geometry have lead to ...
    • Quantum electrodynamics in a damped cavity 

      Sachdev, Subir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982)
    • Quantum field theory of scalar cosmological perturbations 

      Tassev, Svetlin Valentinov (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005)
      Using canonical quantization we show that the spectrum of the scalar cosmological fluctuations as calculated until now is not correct. We derive the correct expression for the spectrum, and show that our correct treatment ...
    • Quantum mechanics on phase space : geometry and motion of the Wigner distribution 

      Ganguli, Surya, 1977- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998)
      We study the Wigner phase space formulation of quantum mechanics and compare it to the Hamiltonian picture of classical mechanics. In this comparison we focus on the differences in initial conditions available to each ...
    • Quantum non-contact friction in resonant dielectric media 

      Flynn, Michael O (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015)
      We compute the non-contact friction force induced between two isotropic planar dielectric slabs which obey a plasma model dielectric function using scalar electromagnetism. All computations are carried out at zero temperature. ...
    • Quantum simulations with 8̳8̳Sr+̳ ions on planar lattice traps 

      Lin, Ziliang (Ziliang Carter) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      Quantum simulations are the use of well controlled many-body quantum systems to simulate and solve other many-body quantum systems that are not understood. This thesis describes theoretical proposals and experimental ...
    • Quantum state reconstruction and tomography using phase-sensitive light detection 

      Mello, Olivia L (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      In this thesis we present an optical and electronic setup that is capable of performing coherent state tomography. We fully characterize it in order to verify whether or not it will be capable to perform non-demolition ...
    • Quantum Systems Simulator 

      Schneider, Scott (Scott David), 1978- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000)
    • Quark masses : an environmental impact statement 

      Kimchi, Itamar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      We investigate how the requirement that organic chemistry be possible constrains the values of the quark masses. Specifically, we choose a slice through the parameter space of the Standard Model in which quark masses vary ...
    • Quasar continuum fitting and silicon absorption on the low redshift intergalactic medium 

      Miller, Adam A. (Adam Andrew) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      We present results on the evolution of Ly[alpha] absorption at low redshift, and the first systematic search for Si II absorption systems in the low redshift IGM. Our sample consists of 832 Ly[alpha] absorbers from 328 ...
    • Radial equilibrium of toroidal plasmas. 

      Pickrell, M. M. (Mark Manley) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1976)
    • Radiation pressure effects in a suspended Fabry-Perot cavity 

      Pelc, Jason, 1984- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006)
      We report on experimental observation of radiation-pressure induced effects in a high-power optical cavity. These effects play an important role in next generation gravitational wave detectors, as well as quantum non-demolition ...
    • Rating systems and learning 

      Smith, Warren Douglas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984)
    • Realization of Bose-Einstein condensation with Lithium-7 atoms 

      Yu, Yichao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
      This thesis presents our work on developing and improving the techniques of trapping and cooling an ultra-cold cloud of Lithium-7 atoms and the realization of the Bose- Einstein condensate as a first step to study quantum ...
    • Reconstructing nuclear recoil tracks in the Dark Matter Time Projection Chamber 

      Fedus, William Bradley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010)
      Astrophysical evidence indicates that 23% of our universe's energy density is in the form of nonluminous, nonbaryonic matter referred to as dark matter. One theoretically appealing dark matter candidate is the Weakly ...
    • Refining the multi-field effects of Higgs inflation 

      Greenwood, Ross Norman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012)
      In this thesis, I investigated the extent to which the inclusion of multiple scalar fields in models of Higgs inflation produces observable departures from the single field case. I designed simulations to numerically solve ...