Recent Submissions

  • The aesthetics of absence : awareness in the age of neural networks 

    Groh, Matthew(Matthew Robert) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    In this hurtling technological age, the world seems more lost than ever before. When we optimize only for what can be observe, we can lose sight of the mysteries that help to define us. This thesis begins with the premise ...
  • Unsupervised summarization of public talk radio 

    O'Brien, Shayne,S.M.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Talk radio exerts significant influence on the political and social dynamics of the United States, but labor-intensive data collection and curation processes have prevented previous works from analyzing its content at ...
  • Internet as an object 

    Retzepi, Kallirroi. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    This thesis lies in the intersection of three avenues: physical non-screen interfaces, storytelling promoting community connectedness and hyper-locality afforded by decentralization. The central question addressed is whether ...

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