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    • Algorithmic advancements in the practice of revenue management 

      Amar, Jonathan Z.(Jonathan Zalman Aron Yaich) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021)
      In recent years, firms have been personalizing the customer experience by recommending specific products, and simultaneously these customers have raised their expectations in terms of personalization. To support these ...
    • Optimization for online platforms 

      Sinha, Deeksha. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021)
      In the last decade, there has been a surge in online platforms for providing a wide variety of services. These platforms face an array of challenges that can be mitigated with appropriate modeling and the use of optimization ...
    • Data-driven decision making in online and offline retail/ 

      Singhvi, Divya. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2020)
      .Retail operations have experienced a transformational change in the past decade with the advent and adoption of data-driven approaches to drive decision making. Granular data collection has enabled firms to make personalized ...