Recent Submissions

  • Roles of Heparan sulfate in mesendoderm differentiation of human embryonic stem cells 

    Li, Qiao,S. M.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are remarkable for their ability to self-renew indefinitely and differentiate into any cell type in the human body. The differentiation of hESCs is regulated by intrinsic and extrinsic ...
  • Endogenous and chemical modifications of model proteins 

    Ressler, Valerie T.(Valerie Terynn) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Protein modifications are ubiquitous in nature, introducing biological complexity and functional diversity. Of the known post-translational modifications, glycosylation is one of the most common and most complex, yet some ...
  • Energy storage and conversion applications of conductive metal-organic frameworks 

    Miner, Elise Marie. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Establishing catalytic structure-function relationships enables optimization of the catalyst structure for enhanced activity, selectivity, and durability against reaction conditions and prolonged catalysis. One class of ...

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