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      Impossibility of performance [1]
      Industrial policy Egypt [1]
      Industrialized building Israel [1]
      Inflation [1]
      Infrastructure [2]
      Inland water transportation Transit charges [1]
      Inlets Portugal [1]
      innovation, interoperability [1]
      Innovation, iPhone, Nano-Philanthropy [1]
      Innovation, strategies, sensors, healthcare, biomedical research, biofuels, [1]
      Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. [5]
      intelligence, AI, neurology, cube-on-cube, [1]
      Intelligent Decision Systems, Systems Engineering, Remote Monitoring, Glucose Sensors, ICT, Semantics, Informatics, Analytics, Electronic Medical Records, EMRS, Interoperability, Mash-Up, SOA, Agents, AI, Biomarkers, Cardiovascular Diseases, Early Detection, Preventative Medicine, Social Networking, Reality Mining, Data Mining, Linguistics, RFID, Supply Chain Management, WSN, Nash Equilibrium, Information Asymmetry, Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity, VAR, ARMA, Nano-sensors [1]
      Intelligent Grid, Mechanical Mitochondria, Intelligent Energy Transparency (iET), Internet of Electricity, Dynamic Pricing, Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Chlorophyll [1]
      International business enterprises [2]
      Interoperability, Data, Information, IPv6, Semantics, Syntax, Security, MANET, Sensors, Healthcare, Biomedical Ontology, Decision Systems, RFID, EPC, Logistics, Adaptive Value Networks, Supply Chain, P2P, ZigBee, WiFi, WiMax, WiTriCity [1]
      Investments [1]
      Investments Mathematical models [1]
      Investments, Foreign Developing countries [1]
      IoT, CPS, M2M, industrial internet, internet of things, cyberphysical systems, education [1]