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    • Vaccines: The Health of Nations 

      Datta, Shoumen (2022-10-09)
      Immense scientific strides in the implementation of mRNA vaccines for CoVID-19 to immunize humans against SARS-CoV-2[n] is a brilliant beacon of research excellence in the 21st century. Yet, the economics of vaccination ...
    • Value of Categorical and Probabilistic Temperature Forecasts for Scheduling of Power Generation 

      Alexandridis, Mark G.; Krzysztofowicz, Roman (Cambridge, Mass. : Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory, Hydrology and Water Resource Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering, 1982-05)
      Bayesian decision models are formulated for the use and evaluation of categorical and probabilistic forecasts of continuous variables. The models are applied to the problem of short-term scheduling of power generation in ...
    • Water Balance Estimates of the Machar Marshes 

      El-Hemry, Ismail Ibrahim; Eagleson, Peter S. (Cambridge, Mass. : Dept. of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980-08)
      Further increases of the River Nile discharge may come from reducing the water losses in the upstream swampy areas in the Nile basin. The Machar region is one of the main losers of water in this basin. In this work, the ...
    • Water Balance Studies of the Bahr El Ghazal Swamp 

      Chan, Siu-On; Eagleson, Peter S. (Cambridge, Mass. : Dept. of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980-12)
      Future increases in Egyptian and Sudanese water resources may come from reduction of the large water losses of the Upper White Nile's swampy regions, particularly from the Bahr el Ghazal swamp. In this work, new methods ...
    • Wave Induced Oscillations in Harbors: The Solution for a Rectangular Harbor Connected to the Open-sea 

      Ippen, A. T.; Goda, Y. (Cambridge, Mass. : Hydrodynamics Laboratory, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963-07)
      The determination of an amplification factor for a given harbor and a given wave period is an important problem concerning long period oscillations in harbors. The present study presents a means of computing the response ...
    • Wave Reflection and Transmission at Permeable Breakwaters 

      Sollitt, Charles K.; Cross, III, Ralph H. (Cambridge, Mass. : Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory for Water Resources and Hydrodynamics, Department of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972-03)
      Rubble mound breakwaters are designed to protect exposed marine areas from excessive wave activity. Observations of breakwaters interacting with surface waves in laboratory models and in full scale field applications ...
    • Wave Reflection and Transmission in Channels of Gradually Varying Depth 

      Ippen, A. T.; Alam, A. M. Z.; Bourodimos, E. L. (Cambridge, Mass. : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hydrodynamics Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, 1964-07)
      This report presents the results of a study on the reflection and transmission of water waves in a rectangular channel with transitions of linearly varying depths. Two channel sections of uniform depths are joined by ...
    • Wave Reflection and Transmission in Open Channel Transitions 

      Bourodimos, E. L.; Ippen, A. T. (Cambridge, Mass. : Hydrodynamics Laboratory, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1966-08)
      The topics of this report are a theoretical development and an experimental investigation of the transformation of water-wave characteristics in the reflection and transmission processes through channel transitions of ...
    • Why Supply Chain 

      Datta, Shoumen (SAP AG (Waldorf, Germany), 2000)
      Why supply chain explains the importance of supply chains. It includes an introduction to ERP as designed by SAP.
    • WiFi Meet FuFi: Disruptive Innovation in Logistics Catalysed by Energy 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-30)
      Cost of energy per unit of goods or services is likely to evolve as a key differentiator of economic growth. The debt of nations will be re-structured. Corporations, big or small, may not escape from managing their energy ...
    • WiFi Meet FuFi: Research Topics in SCM and DSS 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-31)
      Disruptive innovation catalysed by energy (carbon footprint) may reshape supply chain and logistics. The continents of Europe, Asia and Africa may evolve as a connected value network through railroad logistics.
    • Will Nano-Butlers Work for Micro-Payments? Innovation in Business Services Model may Reduce Cost of Delivering Global Healthcare Services 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-31)
      This paper represents an emerging view of personalized care and patient-centric systems approach. It integrates biomedical informatics and business services. A potentially innovative model may evolve from this convergence ...