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    • Charlie's Skypeout Strategy 

      Datta, Shoumen (Government of Finland, 2006-10-01)
      One view of the future of decision systems that hints how combinatorial convergence of tools, technologies, concepts and ideas may catalyse innovation in order to make better decisions. I have simply assembled them in ...
    • Chemistry is the Key to the Energy Economy 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-11-05)
      Stops on the road to fusion energy include biofuels, metabolic engineering and hydrogen.
    • Convergence of Bio Info Nano Eco: Global Public Goods and Economic Growth 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-31)
      This article is about convergence and why not. How about a ride to space in an elevator? Why not? A single nanotube could stretch from earth to the stratosphere and be able to support its own weight. This fact spurred NASA ...
    • Critical Issues When Comparing Whole Building & Building Product Environmental Performance 

      Miller, T. Reed; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randolph (2016-10-17)
      Guides, standards, product category rules, and environmental product declarations have emerged to evaluate environmental impacts within the buildings sector. These efforts have certainly moved the field forward, but as of ...
    • Cybersecurity - An Agents based Approach? 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-04-09)
      Personal Security Agents as Modular Models representing People, Process, Atoms and Bits
    • Decision Support and Systems Interoperability in Global Business Management 

      Datta, Shoumen; Lyu, JrJung; Ping-Shun, Chen (International Journal of Electronic Business Management, 2007)
      Globalization of business and volatility of financial markets has catapulted ‘cycle-time’ as a key indicator of operational efficiency in business processes. Systems automation holds the promise to augment the ability of ...
    • The decision-making process in the design of residential structures 

      Ghattas, Randa; Gregory, Jeremy; Miller, T. Reed; Kirchain, Randolph (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, 2015-03)
      Building codes and standards have been key drivers in shifting industry towards more energy efficiency, but it is important to take a more holistic approach toward GHG mitigation and evaluate the impact of design decisions ...
    • Digital Transformation - IoT is a Metaphor 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-08-26)
      Digital Economics is approaching and the "new economy" will need new rules, new changes and new thinking. Digital Transformation is a step toward Digital Economy. In this article, we haven't even scratched the surface of ...
    • Digital Twins 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-04-09)
      Multiple forms of digital transformation are imminent. Digital Twins represent one concept. It is gaining momentum because it may offer real-time transparency. Rapid diffusion of digital duplicates faces hurdles due to ...
    • Digital-by-Design, AI and Digital Twins 

      Datta, Shoumen (2016-09-29)
      Is there intelligence in artificial intelligence? Is IoT a digital-by-design metaphor? Is digital transformation based on the principles and practice of connectivity? Are the terms digital twin, digital duplicate and digital ...
    • The Effects of Inflation and Its Volatility on the Choice of Construction Alternatives 

      Lindsey, Lawrence; Schmalensee, Richard; Sacher, Andrew (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, 2011-08)
      Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is the standard method for costing long-lived construction projects. The LCCA process determines the full costs of mutually exclusive construction options, finding the project design with ...
    • Elusive Quest for Interoperability 

      Datta, Shoumen (World Customs Organization (WCO-OMD), Brussels, Belgium, 2006)
      Interoperability between systems and adequate operational transparency may help stem some of the frustration of businesses dealing with customs. On the other hand, customs must remain vigilant to ensure security through ...
    • Energy 2050: Bio-inspired Renewable Non-Fossil Liquid Fuel 

      Datta, Shoumen (IJEBM, 2011-01)
      We propose an intelligent Energy Transparency model and a bio-inspired hypothetical mechanical mitochondria to optimize energy efficiency. iET seeks learning algorithms to build intelligence in order to pursue carbon-based ...
    • Energy : Prudence vs Popularity 

      Datta, Shoumen (2009-01-19)
      Two approaches to non-fossil energy manufacturing are suggested. This is an editorial-opinion that highlights why stimulating global economic growth and sustainable global peace are inextricably linked. Entrapment of world ...
    • Energy Self-Sufficiency : Catalyst for Energy Agnostic Global Economy 

      Datta, Shoumen (2011-04-15)
      ABSTRACT The concept of eAGE is easy to grasp if one appreciates the analogy of the distributed ability of computing at the hands of any individual who owns an iPad or notebook computer versus the ENIAC which weighed ...
    •  Evaluation of the Albedo-induced Radiative Forcing and CO2 Equivalence Savings: A Case Study on Reflective Pavements in Four Selected U.S. Urban Areas 

      Xu, Xin; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randolph (2017-08-01)
      There is a growing interest in developing cool pavement strategies to mitigate pavement’s impact on the global warming in recent years. One of the mitigation strategies is by increasing the solar reflectance (or albedo) ...
    • Forecasting and Risk Analysis in Supply Chain Management 

      Hilmola, Olli-Pekka; Graham, Donald; Granger, Clive W. J.; Datta, Shoumen (MIT Engineering Systems Division, 2008-10)
      Forecasting is an underestimated field of research in supply chain management. Recently advanced methods are coming into use. Initial results are encouraging, but often require changes in policies for collaboration and ...
    • Forecasting and Risk Simulation: Proposed Analytical Tool 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-08-01)
      Advances in econometrics and financial mathematics are still confined to use within the domains of stocks, bonds, shares, currency exchanges and derivatives markets. Extracting the principles (see paper by Datta & Granger) ...
    • Future Healthcare 

      Datta, Shoumen (CRC Press, 2010-12-15)
      Patients want answers, not numbers. Evidence-based medicine must have numbers to generate answers. Therefore, analysis of numbers to provide answers is the Holy Grail of healthcare professionals and its future systems. ...
    • Future of Healthcare? 

      Datta, Shoumen (2010-05-18)
      Catalyzing the paradigm shift from healthcare to health may help reduce cost of services. Remote monitoring coupled with intelligent analytics based on sensor data may provide partial solutions.