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    • Agents: Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Natural Stupidity 

      Datta, Shoumen (2002)
      This is a summary of Agents research and its potential for applications in multiple fields.
    • Air leakage has strong influence on building life cycle impacts 

      Hester, Joshua; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randolph (2017-05-02)
      Making informed decisions at the earliest stages of the design process can lead to improved building performance. There are many aspects of a building’s design that can influence overall energy consumption. This research ...

      DATTA, SHOUMEN (2009-05-08)
      Essays in Energy

      DATTA, SHOUMEN (SCE Europe, 2008-05)
      Identification of information is one key to the development of intelligent decision systems of the future. Frequency agnostic automatic identification is only one step in the physical world to make physical objects identify ...
    • Auto ID Paradigm Shifts from Internet of Things to Unique Identification of Decisions in System of Systems 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-31)
      Return on investment (ROI) from radio frequency (RF) based tools of identification may increase with the diffusion of frequency agnostic modes of radio frequency identification (RFID), such as, ultrawideband (UWB). Similarly, ...
    • BEING DIGITAL - Nostradamus for the Soul 

      Datta, Shoumen (2011-04-20)
      Amorphous and near-fictional aggregation of relational applications with social media, networking and ebusiness services. Hypothetical seamless lifestyle scenarios highlight convergence of applications inevitable in the ...
    • Bio-Inspired Energy Dynamics 

      Datta, Shoumen (2010-03-27)
      Energy policies based on empirical assumptions without a foundation in granular real-time data may be limited in scope. It may sputter ineffectively in its role as the engine of energy economics. For energy efficiency and ...
    • Biofuel Sources and Demand: Rough Comparison between India and China 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-11-05)
      Staggering numbers of demand vs supply
    • Can We Apply Principles From Social Networking To Healthcare Informatics For Intelligent Data Analytics? 

      Shields, Andrew; Datta, Shoumen (2008-12-14)
      Extracting the principles associated with complexity theory and swarm intelligence has offered practical solutions for routing and scheduling. Reality mining and its link with social networking relationships may yield ...

      DATTA, SHOUMEN (2009-01-08)
      Carbon Pricing: Necessary now but Ineffective Incentive
    • Charlie's Skypeout Strategy 

      Datta, Shoumen (Government of Finland, 2006-10-01)
      One view of the future of decision systems that hints how combinatorial convergence of tools, technologies, concepts and ideas may catalyse innovation in order to make better decisions. I have simply assembled them in ...
    • Chemistry is the Key to the Energy Economy 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-11-05)
      Stops on the road to fusion energy include biofuels, metabolic engineering and hydrogen.
    • Convergence of Bio Info Nano Eco: Global Public Goods and Economic Growth 

      Datta, Shoumen (2008-07-31)
      This article is about convergence and why not. How about a ride to space in an elevator? Why not? A single nanotube could stretch from earth to the stratosphere and be able to support its own weight. This fact spurred NASA ...
    • Critical Issues When Comparing Whole Building & Building Product Environmental Performance 

      Miller, T. Reed; Gregory, Jeremy; Kirchain, Randolph (2016-10-17)
      Guides, standards, product category rules, and environmental product declarations have emerged to evaluate environmental impacts within the buildings sector. These efforts have certainly moved the field forward, but as of ...

      Datta, Shoumen (2022-02-12)
      The science of cybersecurity and related research may benefit from trans-disciplinary convergence and even mimicry of Natural Laws, e.g., biomimicry, to provide a foundation.
    • Cybersecurity - An Agents based Approach? 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-04-09)
      Personal Security Agents as Modular Models representing People, Process, Atoms and Bits
    • Decision Support and Systems Interoperability in Global Business Management 

      Datta, Shoumen; Lyu, JrJung; Ping-Shun, Chen (International Journal of Electronic Business Management, 2007)
      Globalization of business and volatility of financial markets has catapulted ‘cycle-time’ as a key indicator of operational efficiency in business processes. Systems automation holds the promise to augment the ability of ...
    • The decision-making process in the design of residential structures 

      Ghattas, Randa; Gregory, Jeremy; Miller, T. Reed; Kirchain, Randolph (MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, 2015-03)
      Building codes and standards have been key drivers in shifting industry towards more energy efficiency, but it is important to take a more holistic approach toward GHG mitigation and evaluate the impact of design decisions ...
    • Digital Transformation - IoT is a Metaphor 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-08-26)
      Digital Economics is approaching and the "new economy" will need new rules, new changes and new thinking. Digital Transformation is a step toward Digital Economy. In this article, we haven't even scratched the surface of ...
    • Digital Twins 

      Datta, Shoumen (2017-04-09)
      Multiple forms of digital transformation are imminent. Digital Twins represent one concept. It is gaining momentum because it may offer real-time transparency. Rapid diffusion of digital duplicates faces hurdles due to ...