Recent Submissions

  • Computational tradeoffs in biological neural networks: Self-stabilizing winner-Take-All networks 

    Lynch, Nancy Ann; Musco, Cameron Nicholas; Parter, Merav (2017)
    We initiate a line of investigation into biological neural networks from an algorithmic perspective. We develop a simplified but biologically plausible model for distributed computation in stochastic spiking neural networks ...
  • ARES: Adaptive, Reconfigurable, Erasure Coded, Atomic Storage 

    Nicolaou, Nicolas; Cadambe, Viveck; Prakash, N.; Konwar, Kishori; Medard, Muriel; e.a. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-10)
    © 2019 IEEE. Emulating a shared atomic, read/write storage system is a fundamental problem in distributed computing. Replicating atomic objects among a set of data hosts was the norm for traditional implementations (e.g., ...
  • RADON: Repairable Atomic Data Object in Networks 

    Lynch, Nancy; Medard, Muriel (2017)
    © Kishori M. Konwar, N. Prakash, Nancy A. Lynch, and Muriel Medard. Erasure codes offer an efficient way to decrease storage and communication costs while implementing atomic memory service in asynchronous distributed ...

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