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    • Induced-charge electro-osmosis 

      Squires, Todd M.; Bazant, Martin Z. (Cambridge University Press, 2004)
      We describe the general phenomenon of ‘induced-charge electro-osmosis’ (ICEO) – the nonlinear electro-osmotic slip that occurs when an applied field acts on the ionic charge it induces around a polarizable surface. ...
    • Invariant differential equations on homogeneous manifolds 

      Helgason, S. (American Mathematical Society, 1977)
    • Maslov theory and singularities 

      Guillemin, Victor; Schaeffer, David (2013-02-07)
    • Modular bootstrap data 

      Afkhami-Jeddi, Nima; Cohn, Henry; Hartman, Thomas; de Laat, David; Tajdini, Amirhossein (2020-06-03)
      This data set includes the numerical data from the papers "High-dimensional sphere packing and the modular bootstrap" (by Afkhami-Jeddi, Cohn, Hartman, de Laat, and Tajdini) and "Free partition functions and an averaged ...
    • The Picard Scheme 

      Kleiman, Steven L. (2013-09)
      This article introduces, informally, the substance and the spirit of Grothendieck's theory of the Picard scheme, highlighting its elegant simplicity, natural generality, and ingenious originality against the larger ...
    • Point configurations minimizing harmonic energy on spheres 

      Ballinger, Brandon; Blekherman, Grigoriy; Cohn, Henry; Giansiracusa, Noah; Kelly, Elizabeth; e.a. (2021-06-13)
      This data set contains updated numerical data for the paper "Experimental study of energy-minimizing point configurations on spheres" (Experiment. Math. 18 (2009), no. 3, 257-283).
    • Radon-Fourier transforms on symmetric spaces and related group representations 

      Helgason, S. (American Mathematical Society, 1965)
    • Response to Steele Prize Award 

      Helgason, S. (American Mathematical Society, 1988)
    • Some results on invariant theory 

      Helgason, S. (American Mathematical Society, 1962)
    • Strictly small representations and a reduction theorem for the unitary dual 

      Salamanca-Riba, Susana A.; Vogan, David (American Mathematical Society, 2001)
      To any irreducible unitary representation X of a real reductive Lie group we associate in a canonical way, a Levi subgroup Gsu and a representation of this subgroup. Assuming a conjecture of the authors on the infinitesimal ...
    • A term of Commutative Algebra 

      Altman, Allen; Kleiman, Steven (Worldwide Center of Mathematics, 2013-05-04)
      There is no shortage of books on Commutative Algebra, but the present book is different. Most books are monographs, with extensive coverage. But there is one notable exception: Atiyah and Macdonald's 1969 classic. It ...
    • Topologies of group algebras and a theorem of Littlewood 

      Helgason, S. (American Mathematical Society, 1957)
      An important problem in Fourier analysis is that of investigating the relationship between the "size" of a function and the "size" of its Fourier transform. The present paper can be regarded as a contribution to this problem.
    • Two formulas for the BR multiplicity 

      Kleiman, Steven L. (Springer-Verlag, 2016-07)
      We prove a projection formula, expressing a relative Buchsbaum–Rim multiplicity in terms of corresponding ones over a module-finite algebra of pure degree, generalizing an old formula for the ordinary (Samuel) multiplicity. ...