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    • Geometric and algebraic properties of polyomino tilings 

      Korn, Michael Robert, 1978- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      In this thesis we study tilings of regions on the square grid by polyominoes. A polyomino is any connected shape formed from a union of grid cells, and a tiling of a region is a collection of polyominoes lying in the region ...
    • Geometric approaches to computing Kostka numbers and Littlewood-Richardson coefficients 

      Rassart, Étienne, 1975- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      Using tools from combinatorics, convex geometry and symplectic geometry, we study the behavior of the Kostka numbers and Littlewood-Richardson coefficients (the type A weight multiplicities and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients). ...
    • Geometric Langlands in prime characteristic 

      Chen, Tsao-Hsien (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012)
      Let C be a smooth projective curve over an algebraically closed field k of sufficiently large characteristic. Let G be a semisimple algebraic group over k and let GV be its Langlands dual group over k. Denote by BunG the ...
    • Geometric manipulation of light : from nonlinear optics to invisibility cloaks 

      Hashemi, Hila (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012)
      In this work, we study two different manipulations of electromagnetic waves governed by macroscopic Maxwell's equations. One is frequency conversion of such waves using small intrinsic material nonlinearities. We study ...
    • Geometric quantization and dynamical constructions on the space of Kähler metrics 

      Rubinstein, Yanir Akiva (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008)
      This Thesis is concerned with the study of the geometry and structure of the space of Kihler metrics representing a fixed cohomology class on a compact Kähler manifold. The first part of the Thesis is concerned with a ...
    • A geometric theory of outliers and perturbation 

      Dunagan, John D. (John David), 1976- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)
      We develop a new understanding of outliers and the behavior of linear programs under perturbation. Outliers are ubiquitous in scientific theory and practice. We analyze a simple algorithm for removal of outliers from a ...
    • The geometry and dynamics of twisted quadratic differentials 

      Wang, Jane,Ph.D.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      This thesis examines twisted quadratic differentials, also known as dilation surfaces. These are variants of translation surfaces, their more well-studied counterpart. In this work, we study questions about the realizability ...
    • The geometry and topology of quotient varieties 

      Hu, Yi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1991)
    • Geometry of cone-beam reconstruction 

      Yang, Xiaochun, 1971- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002)
      Geometry is the synthetic tool we use to unify all existing analytical cone-beam reconstruction methods. These reconstructions are based on formulae derived by Tuy [Tuy, 1983], Smith [Smith, 1985] and Grangeat [Grangeat, ...
    • Geometry of Ricci-flat Kähler manifolds and some counterexamples 

      Božin, Vladimir, 1973- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004)
      In this work, we study geometry of Ricci-flat Kähler manifolds, and also provide some counterexample constructions. We study asymptotic behavior of complete Ricci-flat metrics at infinity and consider a construction of ...
    • Geometry of river networks 

      Dodds, Peter Sheridan, 1969- (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000)
    • The geometry of the generic line complex 

      Sher, Joshua S. (Joshua Simon) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995)
    • Germ expansion, endoscopic transfer, and unitary periods 

      Xiao, Jingwei,Ph.D.Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      In this thesis, we study the germ expansions in the Jacquet-Rallis transfer. We prove an identity that relates certain nilpotent orbital integrals for any smooth matching in this transfer. We give two applications of this ...
    • Getting a handle on contact manifolds 

      Sackel, Kevin(Kevin Ryan) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
      In this thesis, we develop the details of a surgery theory for contact manifolds of arbitrary dimension via convex structures, extending the 3-dimensional theory developed by Giroux. The theory is analogous to that of ...
    • Goodwillie calculus and algebras over a spectral operad 

      Pereira, Luis Alexandre Meira Fernandes Alves (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      The overall goal of this thesis is to apply the theory of Goodwillie calculus to the category Algo of algebras over a spectral operad. Its first part generalizes many of the original results of Goodwillie in [14] so that ...
    • The Gowers norm in the testing of Boolean functions 

      Chen, Victor Yen-Wen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009)
      A property tester is a fast, randomized algorithm that reads only a few entries of the input, and based on the values of these entries, it distinguishes whether the input has a certain property or is "different" from any ...
    • Graded rings, modules and algebras. 

      Mendelssohn, Marvin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970)
    • Grammar for vision. 

      Shiman, Leon Gardner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975)
    • Graph polynomials and statistical physics 

      Kim, Jae Ill, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007)
      We present several graph polynomials, of which the most important one is the Tutte polynomial. These various polynomials have important applications in combinatorics and statistical physics. We generalize the Tutte polynomial ...
    • Graphs, matrices, and populations : linear algebraic techniques in theoretical computer science and population genetics 

      Levin, Alex, Ph. D. (Alexander). Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013)
      In this thesis, we present several algorithmic results for problems in spectral graph theory and computational biology. The first part concerns the problem of spectral sparsification. It is known that every dense graph can ...