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    • Void volumes in subcooled boiling systems 

      Griffith, P.; Clark, John A.; Rohsenow, Warren M. (Cambridge, Mass. : M.I.T. Division of Industrial Cooperation, [1958], 1958)
      Introduction: Knowledge of the pressure drop in a channel and the resulting flow redistribution is essential in predicting the performance of a nuclear reactor. The pressure drop in a channel which is experiencing boiling ...
    • Vortex-induced vibrations of a cylinder with tripping wires 

      Hover, F.S.; Tvedt, H.; Triantafyllou, M.S. (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
      Thin wires are attached on the outer surface and parallel to the axis of a smooth circular cylinder in a steady cross-stream, modelling the effect of protrusions and attachments. The impact of the wires on wake properties, ...
    • Vortical patterns behind a tapered cylinder oscillating transversely 

      Techet, A. H.; Hover, F. S.; Triantafyllou, M.S. (Cambridge University Press, 1998)
      Visualization studies of the flow behind an oscillating tapered cylinder are performed at Reynolds numbers from 400 to 1500. The cylinder has taper ratio 40:1 and is moving at constant forward speed U while being forced ...