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    • The correlation of nucleate boiling burn-out data 

      Griffith, P. (Cambridge, Mass. : M.I.T. Division of Industrial Cooperation, [1957], 1957)
      A dimensionless correlation is developed for nucleate boiling buzrnout data including the following ranges of variables. Fluids - Water Bensene n - Heptane n - Pentane Ethanol Pressure - 0.0045 to 0.96 of critical pressure ...
    • Pressure drop with surface boiling in small-diameter tubes 

      Dr̲mer, Thomas; Bergles A. E. (Cambridge, Mass. : M.I.T. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, [1964, 1964)
      Pressure drop for water flowing in small-diameter tubes under isothermal, nonboiling, and surface-boiling conditions was investigated. Experimental results for local pressure gradient and heattransfer coefficients are ...