We, in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning are committed to positive social change. Our vision is translated into professional education in distinct ways:

  • To improve quality of life of the world's citizens
  • To emphasize a democratic process in both private and public sectors, and acknowledge the necessity of government to ensure equality for all
  • To use technology to facilitate social change
  • We trust that the built environment can meet the needs of a diverse population, and give meaning to their daily lives.

Sub-communities within this community

Recent Submissions

  • Community empowerment, technology, and access through peer to peer systems : blockchain concept and case study in Accra, Ghana 

    Sobers, Nneka Deandra.; Verella, Ayna Délivrans. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018)
    A joint collaboration by Ayna Verella and Nneka Sobers, this thesis will explore the development of our start-up, ALL PPL. ALL PPL's aim is to develop a Peer-to- Peer (P2P) decentralized risk exchange platform that leverages ...
  • Instruments of service 

    Lee, Stephanie(Stephanie Suejeong); Shakespear, Ellen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Instruments of Service are defined by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as "representations, in any medium of expression now known or later developed, of the tangible and intangible creative work performed by the ...
  • Hybrid-industrial zoning : a case study in Downtown Los Angeles 

    Brown, Sarah(Sarah Dalton) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2019)
    Historically, land use planning has treated industrial land uses either antagonistically or ambivalently. Traditional zoning approaches have restricted, regulated, spatially isolated, and pushed industrial land to the ...

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